My Dirty Little Secrets

Theres a lot of stuff that I tend to get excited about in regards to my materials, and for me one of the most exciting and fun things about working with ink and water based media is all the different “technical” aspects involved. Some papers are really chunky and give this great texture to everything, while some papers are incredibly smooth and with a matte ink can look like you painted on glass. Because of this, I’ve lately been really obsessed with doing testers and swatches and compositing my illustrations together into some sort of freakishly expensive frankenstein of materials. So thats my dirty little secret. I’m not precious about my originals, and I don’t really care too much about having everything in the original ink on the original sheet because I feel like I can do a whole lot better if I let the unnecessary go and focus on the little details that I think make all the difference.


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6 things I Learned from Thesis, or How to Steal Time.

7  Things I Learned from Thesis


About a month ago, after 7 long years, I finally graduated from college. What that exactly means for me, outside of the safety net of school being gone, is that CCA has decided that i am qualified (enough) to doodle for a living. Because of this, I’ve been thinking a lot about this past semester, the future, and how quickly I can down a six pack while sitting in my boxers with my cats (because ya know. College.), and I’ve kind of come up with a list of a few things that I wish I had known or thought about before hand because if i did, i would’ve probably had a few extra weeks where I didn’t have to put pants on or get out of bed.


And, just to get this shameless plug out of the way because I’ve been in my cave working for  months on it, you can check out my finished thesis HERE on my website toward the bottom.


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Doodle to Finish: Color Pencil Workout!


A lot of the personal pieces I work on start out as doodles. I think this is pretty common for a lot of artists, but i thought I’d walk you through, doodle to finish.  Read more

Summertime Grind

Middle Man!

To kick off this blog, and since this has been a crazy productive summer,  I thought i’d show a little bit of my warm up sketches

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