Summertime Grind

Middle Man!

To kick off this blog, and since this has been a crazy productive summer, ¬†I thought i’d show a little bit of my warm up sketches


I’ve been really enjoying experimentation with a whole bunch of different things, from colored¬†pencils and pastels to… well that’s actually really the only thing I’ve been playing with outside of graphite and ink. But that being said, I’ve noticed that if I spend about an hour doing a warm up before jumping into something more delicate then my work winds up looking a lot better and less like it was drawn by a potato…





Here’s some other fun things i’ve done in the last month or two:

Bear!Middle Man!Woman!Zeus and Hades! Older man!

I apologize for the quality on some of those, as my scanner seems to have gained consciousness and apparently dislikes me. It’s decided that it will no longer scan for me, but only for my girlfriend, Veronica Lenci. So, while i prepare for battle / write my will / get my affairs in order these lame pics from my camera will have to do for now.


All of these actually started out as “warm ups” that I really put no value into, but a few have evolved into something a bit more finished. For example, the 2nd to last picture is one I’ve actually taken to a finished piece. Most of these, however, got about as far as you see them: fun little sketches done while watching terrible movies on Netflix.


So hopefully I can keep this pace up! We’ll see what happens.


- J





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